My Very First Decorative Seasonal Gourd

So a few weeks ago at the grocery store, while casually shopping for vegetables, we came across what is known as a turban gourd. Formerly unknown to me, I was not immediately put-off by the eleven dollar price tag.

Upon first laying eyes on it, one thing was clear, it was coming home, with us, forever. Looking back on what seemed to be an impulse buy it was well worth it. In fact, the joke is on Shaws/Star Market because I would have paid more, a lot more.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

I'm happy to say that we are now raising the gourd as one of our own. We named it Socktron. Is that a real name? No. But I've never had a decorative turban gourd before, and I didn't want to name it Larry, although that is a pretty sweet name.

Apparently, there is also something edible inside the decorative turban gourd. Thing is, nobody knows what it is. Could be dangerous. Could be some sort of weird food nobody has ever tasted before. It doesn't matter though because I could never bring my kitchen knife to Socktron, not after all we've been through, not after all this time and the moments we've shared.

When I watch TV on my couch, Socktron is there, just sitting on the windowsill doing who knows what. But he's there, making the place feel like home. We even got him some little gourd friends that we placed around him.

Not turban gourds because turban gourds are actually quite expensive, and we couldn't afford another one. But rather little, tinier gourds, that complement Socktron without taking attention away. 

I hope our decorative turban Socktron keeps for years and years to come and many more holiday seasons. Can't say I've ever actually seen a gourd through all the stages of life.

Typically, people simply throw them out after the fall holidays. But not this gourd. This one will be passed down to future generations. Long live Socktron.

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