It's Time You Were Told What Life with A Decorative Gourd Is Really Like

As of today, Socktron is doing quite well. It has not moved for several weeks, which I take as a good sign that it is comfortable and enjoys the shelf that it inhabits. It seems to truly enjoy watching television, or at the very least, has not complained. I'm not sure what it does during the daytime hours when I'm away at work.

But every day I return to the same apartment, spotless, untouched, as if nothing was done or moved during the entire day. Socktron also does not appear to have aged at all, and perhaps, unless I'm seeing things, may have even improved a bit. It could be the effects of copious amounts of shelf sun, which I've been told can do wonders for a turban gourd.

I have not attempted to water or feed Socktron for several weeks. The first and only attempt appeared to be futile as the impenetrable surface of the gourd shielded itself from the pouring water. I will try again in a few days just in case the gourd only needs sustenance every few weeks.

As for our relationship, Socktron and I have been getting along very well. And although it is not one for words, or hanging out, or riding bikes, or picnics, or small talk, there is a bond there. I can, however, sense that Socktron is a little tense about the upcoming holidays as it will mark perhaps the halfway point to the typical disposal of autumn decorations.

But like I said, Socktron isn't going anywhere and is certainly not just a decoration for the Halloween/Fall season. We're all in this for the long run. More updates to follow.