Sons of Anarchy May Quite Possibly Be The Most Ridiculous TV Show, Ever

I can't stop. I've tried. I've tried more than once and now there's no point since the show is almost over for good. The two halves of my psyche are competing furiously for an edge in this fight.

One can't stop rolling eyes at all of the overplayed scenes. I mean, scenes that have repeated over and over. Everyone telling each other that they love each other.

The insane, absolutely insane, amount of people who have been murdered. The stupidity of it all, the apologies, the apologies, the apologies! At some point, when you are the worst character ever to exist and all you do is make things worse for everyone who's ever existed, don't you just get tired of apologizing?

I mean, what's the point. Jax Teller basically makes his motorcycle gang murder a bunch of people each and every episode.

Then he apologizes to them and admits that what they did made basically no sense at all whatsoever in any version of reality but it's best to move forward. Then he tells everyone that he loves them, again, in a deep, raspy, serious you know I mean it voice.


And the episodes don't just repeat.

They repeat for an hour and a half because that is something else that is happening on FX, Kurt Sutter gets to basically direct a short movie for each episode, each one ending with a twenty-seven-minute montage of characters doing things and looking at stuff.

What do the actors say when they're about to start filming the scenes for these scenes?

Do they roll their eyes?
Do they have to pretend it's genius?
Is it an unspoken rule that nobody speaks about the montages?

Hush hush it's all so close to being over let's not hurt anyone's feelings. Roll scene, play music. 

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But then, there is the other side of me, whatever that means, wherever that is, that enjoys the same exact things that the other side hates so much. How is that even possible? What made me re-record the show on TiVo every time?

I was so close to moving on.  Maybe I just want to see the whole thing cave in on itself. Maybe I want to see the entire thing through, to the end, just so I know that it does end, and will never, under any circumstances, continue to be allowed to play on television for another season.

Maybe I just want Jimmy Smits to make it to his new farm, a lot. He's been trying so hard and everyone's like why you trying to get out?

What's wrong with all this murdering and crazy stuff? Jimmy Smits needs to be like, look, I'm the President that took over for Martin Sheen in the West Wing, why is this even happening to me? Also, is Unser still stick? He seems to be doing okay, not great, but he's been hanging on, sleuthing, getting high, you know, Unser stuff.

Chucky is just a strange sideshow, another person without anything better to do than be in love with Gemma.   

The characters are great, the actors are all pretty good, it's just getting a little weird. I have to remind myself that it's okay to like something and hate it at the same time.

That the heart is big enough to both critique the faults and love the other parts. I'm so close, only a few more rides, only a little bit more mayhem to go. 

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