A Woman Named Destini Has Sent Me A Very Intriguing Email

The email headline reads: Hey

Her name is Destini with an "i."

She, I assume, is just shooting off a casual email to say Hey.

Hey, Destini.

Courtesy of pixabay.com

Courtesy of pixabay.com

I'm sorry I couldn't open your email to see what else you had to say. I'm too scared, too frightened that it might be something that will make my brain or computer explode, and that would be bad.

Most likely you just wanted to introduce yourself, reach out, extend some kindness to an internet stranger like me. We could have been the best of friends, inseparable. Or maybe we would have just been pen pals with a visit every couple years.

Either would have been nice. Either would have been more than we have now.

I guess we'll never know unless you try again and your email makes it through my spam filter. Maybe then. So please, Destini, keep trying, keep trying to get an email through, it's our only hope, we need this. Some friendships are just meant to be, and I expect, someday soon, to see Destini, with an "i," in my inbox.

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