Simple Techniques to Implement Your Decorative Gourd for the Christmas Season

Our decorative gourd, Socktron, is doing well, and busy making a surprisingly smooth transition from season fall color palettes to the more lively and less subtle colors of old Saint Nick.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

By introducing new techniques into the decorative scheme of our tiny little Boston apartment, Socktron is now a decorative reindeer gourd. We found a nice pair of holiday reindeer ears and he seems to enjoy playing the part quite a bit. 

Still, two full months since bringing Socktron home with us, the gourd appears to show no signs of aging, and still, not once, has required any sustenance whatsoever to aid in his survival.

Unfortunately, one of his tiny little friend gourds came down with some sort of strange fungus disease and we had to send it away. Socktron has not displayed any signs of emotion about the situation one way or another and still has one tiny little decorative gourd friend to keep him company for the time being. 

Strange, though, that one tiny gourd should catch something and the other is still perfectly fine. What's that about? Why one and not the other? Have you decorated your Christmas gourd yet? You better hurry up, Saint Nick will be here before you know it.

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