'Tis the Season that Melissa Joan Hart and Anthony Anderson Work at Walmart

I often wonder how things happen, about the people who have ideas but also take steps to make those ideas come to life.

For instance, somebody, over the past year, hypothetically at least, sat in a room with other people and pitched the idea of Melissa Joan Hart and Anthony Anderson together in some weird Walmart super holiday headquarters, playfully discussing credit cards and some of the wonderful Christmas gifts offered this season by the nation's favorite mega store.

Courtesy of commons.wikipedia.org

Courtesy of commons.wikipedia.org

I imagine, that many of those people must have also been nodding their heads in agreement, pats on the back were had, someone got a promotion, one person briefly mentioned that maybe they should use Joey Lawrence instead, but he was dismissed immediately, possibly even fired.

I often wonder about these things. Does Anthony Anderson even have a nephew? And if so, did he really buy him that race car toy? And if so, is he really going to play with it on Christmas day after his nephew has had a turn?


It's more likely that we'll never know, though, and that's just how it is. 

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