What can Matt (a certified content wizard) do For You?

When it comes to writing good content you want someone with the experience and talent to translate your message to the world. Not only that, but you want to do it in a way your target audience will appreciate.

You want to be real. Like, really real! Super real. Transparently real. Maybe even (dare I say it?) irrefutably authentic!

Get it? 

Got it?


By not peppering your website with jargon and industry buzzwords (people don't care about these), and instead showing/sharing a real product or service with real words and passion, you can, essentially, attract the kind of people you want to do business with.

Building content is about building trust ... it serves as a bridge to your readersyour customersso they can see what you're all about. Then, if they like what they see, they might just want to come along for the ride. 
Source:  Flickr Creative Commons .  Image provided by nicgep114.

Source: Flickr Creative Commons. Image provided by nicgep114.

That's what I can do for you! I can help you be real! I can help you craft a vision for how you want your content (your story) shared with the world.  

You see ... I believe that everything you publish is an expression of your company/brand: social media, product description, blog/news, emails, press releases, website, etc., and the list goes on and on and on.

So it better be good. In fact, it better be the best it can possibly be.

Here's my professional nutshell (some people call it an elevator pitch). 

With many wonderful (and successful) years of creative and professional writing experience under my belt, I provide both passion and technical efficiencywriting is what I love to do.

I don't just push out content. I think about it. Experiment with it. And craft it. Ultimately, I am what you might call a content coder

Isn't that cool? I sure think so.

Some of my favorite professional hobbies related to content creation and strategy include:

  • revising and editing work until it sizzles
  • destroying all things boring and uninspired
  • curating my 80's hip hop Pandora station
  • exceeding expectations by making awesome the new normal!

And as part of the full package, all Mattness comes fully stocked with:

  • technical efficiency in grammar, style, and structure;
  • obsessive organization and savviness for web tools;
  • humor! this one is my favorite because funny (done well) makes people pay attention.

... and of course (drum roll please), last but not least: I provide a unique set of superhuman writing abilities that maybe not every single person in the world is capable of.

Did I just toot my own horn? That sounded like a toot.

Source:  Flickr Creative Commons .  Photo taken by Oatsy40 . 

Source: Flickr Creative Commons. Photo taken by Oatsy40

Ninja-Writing Qualifications

Source:  Flickr Creative Commons .  Photo taken by a200/a77Wells.

Source: Flickr Creative Commons. Photo taken by a200/a77Wells.

Lean More About Matt

A lot of people take a look at that mustachioed man on the blog page and assume that it's a stock photo of a professional tennis headband/cardigan model.

And while I do still entertain modeling offers, I'm mainly a writer these days. 

To prove it, you can walk on over to my very informative LinkedIn profile. Upon arrival, you can carefully examine my years of experience and professional recommendations. Not to mention, it's a great place to check out some real-life examples of my work (brand journalism and press releases).

Lastly, as someone who lives and works in Boston, it would be borderline illegal for me not to be super interested in the startup/tech scene here.

As such, I also maintain a profile over at AngelList, where we can connect, eat delicious burritos, and talk shop. What could possibly be more exciting than helping out a startup team boldly venture out into the exciting adventure of building a company? Probably not much. Which is why I love it.

Power Skills

Right about now you're probably asking yourself, why would I hire Matt to be my content wizard when he clearly has super weak bird identification skills?

Well, it's true; I suck at bird identification.

Source:  Flickr Creative Commons .  Image provided by the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

I've had years to practice, to educate myself, and what did I do? I spent that time binge watching steamy telenovelas on Netflix and shopping for old-school tracksuits on eBay.

My own father wouldn't hire me to identify birds, not even obvious ones, like cardinals or Sumatran ground-cuckoos. 

Luckily ... I'm exceptionally skilled at creating powerful narratives and content that is unique, funny, and awe-inspiring.

So what I lack in bird identification skills, I make up for with creative content leadership and crafting. Sound good?

Cool Things Matt Can Do For You

Contact Matt So he can run your content empire 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit. It sure was fun talking about myself. 

If you want to connect; chat; ask me for life advice; send me a pizza (vegetable please!), or hire me to run your content empire, all you have to do is email me below. OR ... you can shoot me a message on LinkedIn; Tweet me on the Twittersphere; or find me on AngelList.

As for now, it's time for me to go write something else. That is, after all, what I do best.

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