A Quick Note on Rooms & Storage Bins

My world is full of neat and tidy boxes. All sorts of boxes that come in all sorts of different sizes.

First there was my crib, a small room. I inevitably escaped only to find that I did not, in fact, escape. Instead, I was just in a larger room.

My life went on, room by room, collecting them, entering different ones for different reasons, always feeling  best when I'm not in any at all. Being outside of all rooms, in nature, on a walk, I almost always feel good.

Rooms trap me in small spaces with things I have a hard time getting rid of. Like televisions, phones, noises, lights, carpets, vacuums, computers, napkins, cords, cords, cords, the metaphors are everywhere.

Plants I haven't watered, Brita filters, trash, trash, trash, things to dust, there are always things to dust and those things are everywhere.

Rooms are places you put things that will need constant dusting. When you finish dusting begin at the beginning, again, or else you risk double dust, which is a far worse fate than simply suffering the consequences of just a single layer.

Rooms have many places I don't want to look. Like behind the refrigerator, under the stove, in back of the closet, under the couch, under sinks.

What lives there?
Nothing good.

Weird stuff you should have taken care of ages ago. Dirty trash barrels. How do you keep it clean? Do people clean their trash barrels? Why do I produce so much trash and is there any way to stop it?

Pens, wrapping paper, storage bins.

Storage bins are pretty interesting. I use them to keep things I don't need out of sight. I don't want to see them. Like the Christmas tree stand  storage bin.

The Christmas tree stand is the perfect example of something that goes in a storage bin. A specialized household device, needed for several joyous weeks each year, to be protected at all costs, stored, binned, and sealed until it is needed once again.

Storage bins are also great for extra pieces to things that you absolutely will never ever even if you live to a million use again or at all.

Courtesy of wikipedia.org

Courtesy of wikipedia.org

Like extra screws that come taped to things. Or wood dowels and things that come with furniture. Entire storage bins just for those tiny wrenches that come with furniture you have to put together yourself.

Save them until you need them, someday, one day, tomorrow or in a thousand years.

That day when that one thing you placed, with care, into that special storage bin, is called upon to perform a singular and crucial role in something.

Today could be the day you need it. Today could be the day that you use it.  There may come another day when you take that thing from the storage bin, years later, caked with dust, and say to yourself, screw it, I don't need this anymore. To the trash it goes. 

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