On a Brief Relationship with Kale: Parting Ways

The crunching of the curly kale cruciferous, while one of the healthiest choices you can make, is not for the faint of heart. Some claim to enjoy the experience. I have not been so lucky. But we all must try to love the kale, right? Now that America, or at least several sections of it, appears to be on a mission towards healthy eating, the kale can not be stopped.

It is, as they say, blowing up. 

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A Thanksgiving Well Spent: To the Couch We Shall Go

The couch, which always welcomes its guest and serves as a reliable place where the world can be watched from a comfortable perch. Couches, in my experience, almost always promote poor posture. But what good is a seasoned, well-worked, bouncy, embracing couch if you mean only to sit up with a straight back and your head well-positioned, hovering as it should be, perfectly above your spine. 

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