Matthew McConaughey Turns Car Commercials Into Art

First of all, anyone who has ever been documented successfully spelling McConaughey's last name within the first eleven attempts should be up for some sort of global, high-level, big draw, Olympic-like medal. That being said, I'd like to address the Lincoln car commercials that MM is currently starring in.

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Clearly, we have entered the era of big star commercials. And MM is in the game with a strong performance driving a stunning Lincoln SUV. His all-business attitude, close shave, Texas grit, and smooth delivery make this an easy transition from Dallas Buyers Club and True Detective.

If you haven’t seen the commercial, you should. Seriously, Tivo it and give it some real attention.

The true mark of any great car commercial, without fail, almost only occurs when a celebrity gives the audience life advice while showing, not telling, how the product is an integrated part of that life design. This is no different.

During our short drive with MM he explains to the audience that sometimes in life you must go backward, to go sideways, around, and then forward, then turn around, do a handstand and look, you’re going backwards again.

Like the best advice always is, it’s simple and straightforward. 

There’s a moment, almost a perfect moment, perhaps flawed just enough to let us know that MM is also a real person, towards the end, where he sees something behind him, and without even thinking he jolts his neck to the left and stares deeply and with purpose into the driver’s side mirror.

There’s nothing there. He is safe, for now. He’s watching where he’s been, and going forward, because backwards is way behind him, but still in the mirror, just where he likes it.

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