Things That Have, In No Particular Order, Most Definitely Fallen Into My Keyboard

A keyboard is for two things. The first is typing. When you connect a keyboard wire to a computer it will type out letters onto the computer screen when you press the buttons on the keyboard.

Most, if not all people are aware of this. The second purpose of a keyboard is to store strange and tiny things, usually pieces of things. Egg shells, mustard, hair, red vinegar dressing, olive oil, pieces of candy, lots of candy actually.

Courtesy of James Bowe,

Courtesy of James Bowe,

For those who eat at a desk, a desk with a keyboard, there is no way around it, things will fall, and the keyboard is there to soften the landing, to welcome random little pieces of things, to a new place, where, although trapped, forever, they can call home.

When you think about it, living in a keyboard is not such a bad life for these little tiny things. Where else would they be? They are the survivors, who otherwise would be in someone's belly, or a trash can, or in a crack in the ground somewhere. Not so glamorous.

As we can see now the keyboard ecosystem is home to many symbiotic relationships, creatures, and things that live and work together to provide a better environment for new incoming small and tiny things that will eventually also fall into the keyboard.

This community, although potentially unsightly to most humans, is a great place to raise strange smells and offers 100% guaranteed protection from people.

a person, I have rarely, if ever, given much thought to cleaning my keyboard. Why ruin all the great relationships that are certainly budding under those keys? It's not for me to disrupt this unique place.

Sometimes, out of my own frustrations or embarrassment I lift the keyboard up and shake it, unleashing all the wrath I can muster. Usually, a lot less than what I expected falls out. Not a lot, ever.

Someday, Pixar will make an animated movie about the complicated lives of the things that live in keyboards, someday. 

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