It's Important to Appreciate the Pure Joy of Leisurely Car Rides

A nice leisurely car ride is like a breath of fresh air. I enjoy turning onto a road that I don't know, the windows are down, some nice music playing, nowhere to go. An adventure. Nothing but four wheels carrying a giant hunk of steel through the back roads. Left or right? A town ahead. Slow down and take a look. Pull over, you're driving way too slow and there's a line of cars behind you now.

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Look at all the trees. Someone paved their way through here a long time ago. Fields and barns, beautiful houses, sad houses. Sad houses with trash in the front yard, siding crumbling, it looks like it might sink, is sinking, has been sinking for quite some time. A big beautiful house surrounded by other big beautiful houses everywhere you look.

A neatly trimmed yard with hedges and what looks like a neat giant deck, a grill sits next to the table and chairs. An expensive car sits in the driveway and everything looks expensive and new. I want that thing, right? How do you get one?

Town centers with gas stations, little diners, a shopping mall. Look, a parking lot with weeds growing out of it. The gravel is coming up like it's being shed or shaken off by the earth below. An auto parts store.

What is it about auto part stores? Do people really go inside those places? Here's a nice place, brick buildings lining the sides of the road, restaurants, and shops, life, it's here walking around eating and looking.

Drive away again to the next place. There's a road sign, but I don't know the routes because my mind can't wrap it's head around routes. 437. 34. 837 South. West 32. North 98 that connects to 75 West. Easy peasy.

Fill up with some gas and some coffee. It's a warmish autumn day so a sweater is okay. The jacket's in the back seat. A pond, a lake, a something all right. The window is down so you can feel the stuff of the places as you angle your way through them in the car. Free free free.

Go go go. A state park. Empty soccer fields, an old baseball diamond. More weeds, weeds sticking out everywhere. Eventually, I get tired and I'm far far away. So many places to be, where did they all come from? Go home. Get some rest, eat some food.

The adventure was fun, but it's time to not adventure for a little bit — until the next one.    

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