This Is What a 15 Minute Uber Ride Listening to a Justin Bieber Album at Maximum Volume Feels Like

How often do you get stuck in an Uber with a grown man driving the car and who is blasting Justin Bieber at full maximum volume? I would dare say that will never happen to me ever again. Ever.

This was an experience. A bucket list check-off moment.

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What It's Like to Live in A World Full of Uber Drivers

I've never really had any horrible, never again, what the hell was that cab rides in Boston. For the most part my cab rides have been pretty simple. I get in cab, cab driver takes me to destination, I pay cab driver. I'm probably just lucky. I can even understand when a driver is talking, without breaks, for the entire ride, and will probably continue talking for the rest of the day. I imagine those cabbies never stop talking. They must eat, sleep, and work with that Bluetooth on every single day and become unbelievably distraught if it's ever removed by accident. 

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