Home is Where the Heart Is: Goodbye Apartment

After seven wonderful years of parking our butts in this tiny little apartment, crammed away in this cozy garden level abode, stuffing our brains with a lifetime of warm and fuzzy memories, it is time to say goodbye. And we will miss this place, this apartment, this home we’ve had for those seven wonderful years. It has treated us well and provided us with a sneaky little headquarters, tucked closely into a main artery of the city, with big windows, an old blue carpet, and a suspiciously rusty bathtub—all at garden level prices.

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The Horrible Snowstorm and the Frozen City

Let me preface everything by saying that I lost my mind during a sequence of several major snowstorms, which are still arriving, quite comically, one after the next.  
And so the story begins with me  an urban street parking New Englander. The big storm hits and news teams are giddy. Grocery stores are overrun. Milk sales are up. There are, miraculously, still people rushing to buy snow shovels. 

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What It's Like to Live in A World Full of Uber Drivers

I've never really had any horrible, never again, what the hell was that cab rides in Boston. For the most part my cab rides have been pretty simple. I get in cab, cab driver takes me to destination, I pay cab driver. I'm probably just lucky. I can even understand when a driver is talking, without breaks, for the entire ride, and will probably continue talking for the rest of the day. I imagine those cabbies never stop talking. They must eat, sleep, and work with that Bluetooth on every single day and become unbelievably distraught if it's ever removed by accident. 

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