Several Good Reasons Why My Wife Should Be Allowed to Legally Whack Pedestrians with a Pool Noodle

Look! Up ahead! Three aloof pedestrians stand around a smartphone in the middle of the sidewalk.

But why? Why did they choose to stand right there?

Don’t they know the space they selected for their powwow is typically used one-hundred percent of the time for walking? Even a fool knows not to do that. Right?

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The Chaos, Confusion, and Etiquette of Walking Through an Art Exhibit

Strange things happen at art exhibits. Shoulder to shoulder with regular old strangers. It's here that I remember about bumping, about the paranoia of being bumped. Those of us entering are led to the first painting in the first room. The mood could be described as antsy. I can see the painting ahead. I've been bumped. Or I bumped. It's hard to say.

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