I May Be In A Prime Position to Purchase Real Estate in Belize

The answer is Yes. I do need a vacation home. The only trouble is I need more vacation time and a much much higher vacation home budget, which is presently sitting flat at around zero. Maybe the sender misjudged my financial status by a rung or two or hundred dozen. Maybe I CAN purchase a vacation home with nothing but a few bucks and a couple years worth of belly lint. 

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This Is What Email Taught Me About Jacuzzi Walk In Hot Tubs

I've always wanted a Jacuzzi Walk In Hot Tub. I mean, who wouldn't. On the other hand, placing one in my tiny apartment would mean replacing a very valuable piece of furniture, like a bed, or maybe a couch. I suppose we could eat on the couch or in the Jacuzzi if we just throw out the kitchen table. More importantly, who are these aggressive walk in Jacuzzi hot tub salesmen express emailing me messages to my spam folder? O

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