This Is What Email Taught Me About Jacuzzi Walk In Hot Tubs

I've always wanted a Jacuzzi Walk-In Hot Tub. I mean, who wouldn't. On the other hand, placing one in my tiny apartment would mean replacing a very valuable piece of furniture, like a bed, or maybe a couch.

I suppose we could eat on the couch or in the Jacuzzi if we just throw out the kitchen table. More importantly, who are these aggressive walk in Jacuzzi hot tub salesmen express emailing me messages to my spam folder?

Once a week would be plenty. But after several attempts I'm a little concerned that maybe their efforts could be better spent.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

I don't envy their job, I'm sure it's very difficult to be an online Jacuzzi walk-in hot tub salesman, especially in this economy. It's sad that they don't even know that their nicely written, thoughtful e-mails, are being scooped up my the big bad spam detector and chucked into the oblivion folder, never to be taken seriously.

Who knows, maybe they have a legitimate business. Maybe they are the best Jacuzzi walk-in hot tub company on the planet, I'll never know. For now I'll be keeping my standard apartment furniture and settling for a warm bath.

In other Spam mail, someone named Leopoldo Choi is Hoping that I'm Fine. Thanks, Leopoldo! I hope you are doing fine as well.

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