A Thorough Account of What Turned Out to Be A Really Cool Alien Invasion

I always thought there would be way more giant robots, you know? With laser beams shooting out of their giant robot eyes and destroying everything in their path with unrelenting precision and sheer brute force.

Then there would be the little green aliens controlling themthose little bastardsterrorizing us (emotionally) with weird noises and slimy goo. They would be not only unstoppable, but most definitely, and without any doubt, totally obsessed with annihilating us.

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Coded Instructions Donald Trump Received from a Waddle of King Penguins in Antarctica

Donald, it is us. Do not be alarmed. We are your friends.

And we want you to run for President of the United States of America.

Soon ... by following the advice of this humble waddle of penguins, you will be the supreme commander. All hail our wobbling gait and death to all leopard seals.

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